Saturday September 12th

Hot tea and Prayer time at 4 am on the patio. What a perfect way to start my day.

Going to grill today, have Pork Chops, Chicken Legs, Beef Ribs, 1/4 pound hot dogs, Mild links and what ever else anyone brings over. The 1/4 pound hot dogs are for those who wander over to my patio, every time I fire up my grill I get a ton of company so I keep a big pack of dogs handy. It is a good way to build relationship which is necessary to witness Jesus. last night I made mac salad so I am set to go for today. Health wise I am feeling pretty good this am, the cool air is helping my breathing much. I am looking forward to the cool mornings. Well Y’all have a Blessed day.

Blackberry Crapes…..

I was up at 4 am cooking sausage patties and making Crape batter. Blackberry Crapes were on my mind, yet now my mind is clear and the crapes were good !!! I use a very basic crape batter. It is 1 cup four, 2 large eggs, 2 tea-spoon melted butter, 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup milk and a drop or two 1/2 tea-spoon salt. I mix the eggs and flour, add the milk, butter, and salt and mix till smooth. I have no special crape pan, just use one that does not try to hold onto anything you put in it. Use I/4 cup batter, tilt pan to cover the surface, cook till ready to flip, it will release its self from the pan when ready. I always put a touch of butter and the filling in right away and roll up When I get 4 done I stop. I use real fruit spread in place of jam or jelly, it tastes good and is much better for me. Only 8 carbs per tea-spoon and each crape only uses a half teaspoon to fill and roll up.

Sir whiskers got a mini crape with sausage and cheese in it. He is one spoiled dog.

Have a Blessed day

A bit about me

September 9th 2015

Hi I figured I would do the in thing and start a BLOG I am not sure just what I am doing here so you will have to hang in with me as I figure this all out. I figure I would start with a short introduction, I am 55 years old and love every thing food, eating, cooking, creating new dishes, and having fun doing it. Yet I have to say my first priority is Jesus Christ My Lord and Best Friend. My Background includes Circus, Carnival, Drifting around the United States, Cooking in diners, Truck Stops, Chile’s and three different Non Profits. So I do not have to say I have many skills, yet cooking is what I love doing. My 5 year goal is to save up and get a large school bus and convert the back 1/3 into living space and the rest into a large kitchen and travel the states feeding hungry people and sharing the love of Jesus. I know if I really pinch pennies, save every dollar I can I will be able to do this even on my low income. That is one of my strengths!!! When I put my mind to something I get it done. This Blog will be about cooking, life, Jesus, mile stones, and things of that sort. You will most likely hear a lot about “Sir Whiskers” he is my dog. a Terrier Corgi mix. he is 2 1/2 years old and loves to chase tennis balls. he would chase them all day long till he passed out if I let him. I love my dog and can’t imagine life with out him. Well I guess I will close for tonight and be back tomorrow with my first official BLOG entry.